Wood Burning Fireplaces

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  • Napoleon High Country 3000 Eco NZ3000H Wood Fireplace Arched Faceplate with Heritage Inset and Black Cast Iron Double Doors

    Napoleon NZ3000H High Country Eco

    Napoleon’s new High Country™ 3000 Eco has changed to a catalytic fireplace, yes, just like your car.

    Dimensions, 43 1/4″h x 42″w x 29 1/4″d

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  • Napoleon Fireplaces NZ6000 High Country 6000 Complete Arched Black Double Doors, Faceplate and Upper Grill and Black Andirons

    Napoleon NZ6000 – High Country

    Napoleon’s dedicated team of designers and engineers have taken wood burning to a higher level and created a distinctive fireplace experience never seen before in the industry! The perfect blend of elegant, rustic styling and state-of-the-art wood burning technology makes the Napoleon High Country™ 6000 wood fireplace an ideal choice to add class and artistry to your home.

    Dimensions, 51 1/2″h x 49 1/2″w x 30 3/4″d

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  • Napoleon High Country 7000 NZ7000 Wood Burning Fireplace With Smooth Decorative Brick Panels

    Napoleon NZ7000 High Country

    The NZ7000 has an exclusive counterbalanced ZERO GRAVITY™ door system operates the screen and heat radiating ceramic glass independently, allowing the fire to be viewed through either the glass, screen or both. The large firebox holds up to 50 lbs of wood and is lined with high density vermiculite.

    Dimensions, 31 1/8″h, 61 7/8″w, 31 5/16″d

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  • Stûv 21

    North American safety standards require Stûv 21 fireplaces to be insulated. A prefabricated shell makes it easier to insulate your fireplace and the mandatory convection grills prevent overheating and release heat into the room.

    Regardless of the position of the door, there is no frame to obstruct the view of the fire. Only a 4 cm (1-1/2″) metal strip surrounds the hearth. Its look does not change: there is no visible track or mechanism.

    All of the Stûv 21’s mechanical components are located in the door, which tilts for easy cleaning.

    A frame conceals the thickness of the wall into which the fireplace fits and allows for minimalist finishing of the opening.

    Dimensions Available in the showroom or by viewing the brochure

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  • stuv30-in shown with cladding and Integrated convection system and wood rack

    Stûv 30-in

    Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 30-in an ideal wood heating solution, whether it is used as a primary heating system, for back-up heating or simply for enjoyment.

    Dimensions Available in the showroom or by viewing the brochure or image links

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  • Valcourt FP12 Mundo Factory Built Wood Burning Fireplace

    Valcourt FP12 Mundo

    With its straight lines, simplistic shape and neutral color, the FP12 Mundo brings a gust of modernism into your home. It harmonizes both functionality and comfort perfectly.

    Moreover, with its extra large clean face glass, the Mundo offers a view on the fire that is unmatched in the industry. This ecological fireplace is EPA certified with an emissions rate of 4.4 g/h and produces up to 75,000 BTU/h.

    Dimensions Available in the showroom or by viewing the brochure

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  • alcourt FP7LM Antoinette Wood Burning Fireplace With Guillotine Door

    Valcourt FP7-LM Antoinette

    The fire screen is also on a guillotine mechanism so you can close it when the ceramic glass door is open. Why Antoinette? Finally, a positive historical reference to the guillotine! The guillotine door and clean front gives you the flexibility to design your fireplace in any way that suits you.

    The Antoinette is a truly versatile fireplace and is all about giving you the ability to design your dreaming fireplace.

    Dimensions Available in the showroom or by viewing the brochure

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