Classic Fireplace offers a full range of high-quality woodstoves from leading manufacturers:
Morsø, Jøtul, Stûv, Napoleon, HearthStone and HWAM.

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  • HearthStone Heritage Wood Stove 8022

    HearthStone – Heritage Wood Stove

    When fully loaded, the new Heritage will burn for up to 8 hours, providing up to 12 hours of sustained heat. The side door makes it even simpler to load this efficient stove. The updated look of this whole house heater includes taller legs and an ember protection only hearth requirement.

    Dimensions: 28 3/4″H x 28 1/8″W x 19 3/4″D

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  • Jotul Black Bear Wood Burning Stove

    JØTUL F 118 CB Black Bear

    Max 55,000 BTU /hr

    One of Jøtul’s most popular and most imitated woodstoves is back! Winner of the 2005 Vesta Design & Technology award, the Jøtul F 118 CB Black Bear combines the simple elegance and utility of the original Jøtul 118, with modern solid fuel combustion technology. The Black Bear is the best selling wood stove in the World.

    Dimensions, 30.5″ x 14″ x 31 1/2″ in (HxWxD)

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    (hard copies available)


  • Jotul F 370 Wood Burning Stove in Black

    JØTUL F 370

    MAX 35,000 BTU/h

    The Jøtul F 370 Concept has received a number of prestigious design awards such as the German ”red dot design award: best of the best”, the Norwegian “Award for Design Excellence” and the US Vesta Award.

    Dimensions, 45.5 x 17.5 x 18.625 in (HxWxD)

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    (hard copies available)

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  • Jotul F 400 Castine

    JØTUL F 400 Castine

    Created by the award winning team of Red House Design and our in-house design engineers, the JØTUL F 400 Castine stove has a unique nautical theme which highlights the tradition of seacoast living, a lifestyle shared by residents of Maine and Norway.

    Dimensions, 28.5 x 25.75 x 23.25 in (HxWxD)

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    (hard copies available)

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  • Morso 1410 Classic Non catalytic Radiant Wood Stove with Squirrel Relief Decoration

    Morsø 1410 Wood Stove

    Morsø 1410 wood stove is a small universal cast-iron stove that can be used with wood and wood briquettes. This wood stove is perfect for small homes, holiday homes etc. with limited heating needs. The stove is a powerful heat source that fires up quickly and will heat up to 800 sq ft of living space.

    Morsø 1410 wood stove comes equipped with riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan, making it easy to remove ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system with airwash ensures that the glass always remains clean when the stove is correctly fired.

    morso-logo [gview file=”https://classicfireplace.ca/wp-content/uploads/gx_morsoe_brochure-2016.pdf”]


  • Morsø 2110 Cast Iron Non catalytic Radiant Heat Wood Stove with Double Doors

    Morsø 2110

    The large stay-clean glass panel provides an excellent view of the fire while the stove is operating in its most efficient mode. At 42,000 Btu, Morsø 2110 is sized to heat medium-sized areas (up to 1,400 sq ft) and accepts 18” length wood for overnight burning. The clean burning, non-catalytic design offers a simple, efficient and durable heat source that you can enjoy for years to come.

    Morsø 2110 wood stove is equipped with a heavy-duty ash pan that makes ash removal effortless without the need to manually shovel ashes out of the firebox. A 6″ reversible flue collar provides installation flexibility to vent directly off the top or rear of your stove.

    An optional outside air kit is available with this wood stove in cases where outside combustion air is required.

    morso-logo [gview file=”https://classicfireplace.ca/wp-content/uploads/gx_morsoe_brochure-2016.pdf”]


  • Morso 2B Classic Radiant Cast Iron Wood Stove With Squirrel Relief Design

    Morsø 2B Classic

    This extremely popular cast-iron wood stove can, with its long firebox, accommodate logs up to 18 inches in length. It is a radiant wood stove and is equipped with a riddling grate, ash tray and ashpan, and, can be fired with wood.

    Like most other Morsø wood stoves, the 2B Classic meets the most stringent environmental requirements in the world.

    Morsø’s characteristic 2B Classic with radiant heat is still a very popular series. The long firebox is large enough to take logs 18 inches long. It can heat up to 1,200 sq ft.
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  • Morso 6143 Non Catalytic Wood Stove with Storage inside Column

    Morsø 6143

    Employing a refined and timeless design idiom, this perfect design with its large glass door, concealed hinges and simple lines makes the Morsø 6143 an original gem.

    morso-logo [gview file=”https://classicfireplace.ca/wp-content/uploads/gx_morsoe_brochure-2016.pdf”]


  • Morso 6140 Non catalytic convection Wood Stove

    Morsø 6148 Wood Stove

    Behind the glass, Morsø has developed a combustion technology that uses pre-heated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt. This results in both more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

    morso-logo [gview file=”https://classicfireplace.ca/wp-content/uploads/gx_morsoe_brochure-2016.pdf”]


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