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Ortal's Space Creator models are available in an array of sizes to suit design and architectural needs. Have your fireplace installed in nearly any location with Ortal’s proprietary, modern power vent system. Experience complete design freedom!

The Space Creator collection dimensions and technical information vary by model and can be viewed here

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SEE IT : The Ortal Space Creator is not available for viewing in our showrooms; however we do have 2 Ortals (corner and front facing) models to view in the following showroom:




Built-in three-sided fireplaces are architecturally stunning fire elements that are enjoyed from multiple vantage points.

Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology allows you to maximize your space by ensuring the walls surrounding your fireplace, including the one directly above it, remain cool. This gives you complete flexibility to hang art, TVs or anything directly above your Ortal fireplace without worry. Proprietary to Ortal, their unique fireplace framing is designed to allow the free flow of cool air between your fireplace and the walls surrounding it, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to create the space you want – without limitations.

Learn more about Ortal’s cool wall technology

Ortal is proud introduce it’s new protective screen that significantly reduced the risk of burns caused by touching the fireplace’s glass. The screen protects direct contact with the glass enclosure, enabling the fireplace to be placed in locations where higher levels of safety is required, such as public spaces and/or where small children are present. The protective screen is almost undetectable and does not diminish or change your view of the flames.

For increased safety, most of Ortal’s fireplaces are available with an optional double glass enclosure with a thin ventilation layer in between. Although still hot to the touch, it is safe. This is an ideal solution for public spaces or families with young children. Another benefit of the Double Barrier is that it transforms the radiant heat from the fire to ambient heat.

Learn more about Ortal’s heat barriers

Additional information

Custom Requirements

Ortal welcomes clients' visions for custom made fireplaces for special requirements, sizes and uses.

Heat Barrier

Without any compromise to aesthetics, all Ortal
fireplaces ensure that the glass enclosure on your fireplace
is comfortably warm to the touch and completely safe
utilizing Ortal's new innovative technology.

Many of our models are available with your choice of two
protection barrier solutions: Double glass (fan assisted) or
Screen. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to select
the model of your choice


Interior lighting is available for the front facing models within the ” High Series” .


We allow crushed glass minimum size of ½ inch manufactured by American Fire Glass. Ortal provides several decorative interior media (ceramic stones, logs, branches). You are welcome to use after market media so long as it is approved for use with a glass sealed direct vent gas fireplace.

Power Vent System

Not all locations have the space required for a direct vent fireplace chimney and its clearances. With Ortal’s power vent system, you’ll be able to have your fireplace installed in nearly any location.

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