Stûv 16-in

Stûv 16/58-in : Max 40,000 BTU /hr

Stûv 16/68-in : Max 43,000 BTU /hr

Stûv 16/78-in : Max 46,000 BTU /hr

Clean line inserts showcasing the flames to perfection. The Stûv 16 in are EPA certified. Fancy an XXL fire? This is exactly what you’ll get with the Stûv 16-in, with its panoramic view of the flames. Atmosphere and satisfaction guaranteed.

Dimensions Available in the showroom or by viewing the brochure

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Thanks to the innovative combustion system and exceptional efficiency (over 75%), this is the perfect solution for your main or occasional heating needs. Designed to suit an existing fire, the Stûv 16-in is available in three sizes. Every home needs a Stûv!

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