Stûv 30-in

Impressive combustion and high efficiency make the Stûv 30-in an ideal wood heating solution, whether it is used as a primary heating system, for back-up heating or simply for enjoyment.

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Three rotating doors to suit your mood
The glass door allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing flames; with a simple movement, the door opens onto the crackling fire giving off its generous warmth. The solid door elegantly hides a slow-burning or extinguished fire.

1. Glass-door mode
Enjoy watching the flames safely and with excellent efficiency.

2. Closed-door mode
The solid door allows the wood to burn slowly (optimum efficiency) for a long time.

3. Open-door mode

Hear the crackling logs, enjoy the pleasant smell of burning wood or even have a barbecue!

Over 85% efficient

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Stûv 30 Series Fireplaces are on display in the following showrooms:

  • Scarborough

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